Comprehensive Forex Training

Comprehensive Forex Training

The Forex training is designed according to your skills, interests and needs. Our Forex training program is aimed to make you a skillfull trader enabling you constantly profit with any currency pair on any Time-frame.

Forex Market Technical Analysis

Forex Market Technical Analysis

Forex Technical Analysis based on Masterforex-V new Technical Analysis and exact reference point provided by professional Forex trader with 10 years Forex trading experience

Traders Community

Traders Community

You will never find any book (no matter how good it is), that could replace for you the communication with professionals in that industry. They have been through these stages of development, which you are facing now, and they can give you the right advice at the right time



I have just finished the course… I cannot say that I’m super-trader now, but I got a plan on how to get to the trader’s career. What I liked the most, was the learning system; you read, during the lesson everything is explained, you get the tasks as a homework and the recorded lesson. Also that after learning about one element you move on to another, and then you connect them, learn a third one and connect everything again, and that’s how you start to see the market. Those who are trying to save time, struggling to study by yourself, or you are too lazy to study (because no one will let you be lazy there), go ahead and join the Advanced course.

P.S Thank you Pavel and Rimvydas.


1. Strategy

Develop exact understanding of how Forex Market moves and identify the strategic direction.

2. Tactics

Create a Tactical plan for each trading session based on your strategy. Know what you are doing and when you are doing it.

3. Trading System

Trading system is just a set of mathematical rules and nothing more.

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