Is it too late to buy Bitcoin ? Forex Currency trader explains

Is it to Late to buy Bitcoin ? Any other cryptocurrency?
The bitcoin price is growing very fast, it reached 10 000 USD already. Everyone is talking about it. You haven't bough any bitcoins? You are wondering should you buy it now? Is it not to late to buy? Buying on all times high? Did you miss the boat? Will bitcoin keep growing or will it crash? Is it worth investing in to it now? Will bitcoin trend proceed up? Should you sell bitcoin?
All these questions explained by professional Forex Currency trader.

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1. Strategy

Develop exact understanding of how Forex Market moves and identify the strategic direction.

2. Tactics

Create a Tactical plan for each trading session based on your strategy. Know what you are doing and when you are doing it.

3. Trading System

Trading system is just a set of mathematical rules and nothing more.